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Mini games platform built on Polygon
Play and collect opponent’s NFTs

Introducing the Custies

“OG Custies” is our genesis collection of 6,000 customizable and unique characters, stored on the Polygon blockchain and hosted on an interplanetary file system (IPFS).

We believe that each and every Custy is equally rare so we didn’t focus on trait rarity. We want our community to decide which variations of Custies will exist!

Our main goal is to launch a mini games platform where holders can play to collect NFTs.
OG Custies will be getting utilities such as free airdrops, special giveaways, and early access.

OG Custies Roadmap


Public sale of 5700 Custies launch on the Polygon network for 25 MATIC each.
We will reserve 300 mint passes that will allow you mint a Custy for free.


The Custies will now become a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Thus, a community wallet will be created and filled with 25% from our mint and secondary market royalties for further development of Madgum, giveaways to the community, and charitable donations to organizations the community decides on.


Our first minigame, “Flip the Chip”, will launch. It's 1vs1 game where you need to toss up your chip and flip the side with your character on top to win. All Custy holders will be able to claim free NFT chips with their character on them to start playing. You can win or lose one chip in every game played.


Custy holders will be able to now vote on future games they’d like to play on Madgum, and will take part in development. Custy holders will also be able to vote on future NFT drops they’d like to see from Madgum.


When can I buy a Custy NFT?

Custies will begin to mint on February 20th.

What is a community wallet?

Funds for further platform development. 25% from our minting and royalties will be deposited into our community wallet.

Is there whitelist?

We don’t have a whitelist, minting will open for everyone at the same time. But, we do have 300 mint passes reserved for giveaways in our Discord and on Twitter!

What are mint passes?

Mint passes are NFTs that allow you to mint Custies for free.

Will there be more Custies in future?

Yes, but they will not be included in the “OG Custies” collection and will not be getting their benefits. They will be needed to get access to the platform for the new users and add new chips to the game.

What are the chips?

Each holder will be able to claim free chips with their character on them. In our minigame now under development, you can win or lose one chip in every game played.

How will minting work?

You can go to page and mint your customized character.

What is Polygon and how to use it?

Polygon is a decentralised Ethereum scaling platform with low transaction fees. To use it you need to add Polygon to your metamask wallet. You can do this by going to and press ”Add Polygon Network” button at the bottom of the page.

What are the benefits of being an OG holder?

Holding an OG Custy will allow you to take part in platform development by voting for future games and getting airdrops from future projects. We will provide maximum utility for our holders.

What is the main goal of MadGum project?

Our main goal is to build a gaming Metaverse around our platform.